Dec 2016 “deFragment” Masters Research presentation, Leiden

How is our brain seeing ? how are we joining the dots to understand the whole?

Experimenting with motion and permeable material testing the boundaries of visual perception; ‘deFragment’ is a somatic viewing experience of watching shapes defragment into a collage in a movement of integration and disintegration.

It is a research-in-progress sharing towards a Visual-Movement performance




Jun 2016 Reverse Engineering, Amsterdam


 First-Year Presentations 2016 /// DAS Theatre / 17 and 18 June 2016

Doors open at 18:30 and the programme starts at 19:00. Want to know more about the evening? Go to: Or just by your ticket now! — at DAS Theatre.
Concept+ Research : Abhishek Thappar
Collaborator (performance + devising): Chandana Sarma



Apr 2016 Performazioni, Italy

Special Edition

10 anni del progetto Stracci della memoria
Workshop – Residenze – Incontri – Scambi interculturali – Dimostrazioni di lavoro – Performance
Direzione artistica Instabili Vaganti Compagnia Teatrale
13 – 17 aprile 2016
LIV centro di ricerca e formazione nelle arti performative – Bologna
Con Nicola Pianzola Anna Dora Dorno Chandana Sarma Jesús QuinteroAmerican Laboratory Theatre Luana Filippi

Mar 2016 Lucid Dream, Amsterdam

Laboratory + performance, 25th March 2016
‘The title is a lucid dream’, concept by Clara Saito
In this 3 day laboratory we will research physically with the emotion of anger. The proposition is to develop a semi-ritualistic movement practice as a way to transform what we consider often as a negative energy into a tool for creating changes through playful and embodied strategies.
The workshop results in the live work ‘The title is a lucid dream’. In this work performers impersonate a hero, Spider Man, that wanders in galleries and public spaces researching the possibility of live and practice anarchism in the actual society system.
“I would be lying if I said I want to create a piece without authorship. Actually, I would like to, but I am honestly too scared to go unrecognized. Maybe I would try only if I was sure I would be recognized anyway, but that would be cheating.” – Spiderman
FLAM VI,— with Chandana Sarma, Bear Silver and Clara Saito at Arti et Amicitiae.