Nov tot Dec 2017 “A Room with a View” Netherlands tour

Performing with ‘Theater Troupe Courage

Soon to Premiere : 9th and 10th Nov 2017, Campagnie Theater, Amsterdam!!!!!

This is a SHOW……………………..For Everyone………………About Everything

From Around the World

!!Our MOTTO – To Play for You!!

Come watch us play and share stories – Personal / Fantasised / of survival / of spirit of life


Know how it all started and what its all about here…..


Aug 2017 Summer Residency, India

In collaboration with ‘Arka Mukhopadhyay’, for the last month we have been working with Breath as a precursor to action. Our research is towards developing/constructing  performative breath patterns as underlying score to a performance, acting as a framework for different event/musicality/physicality. Our prime source of reference and inspiration has been how breath is understood in the movement theater forms:  Kalaripayyatu and kudiyattam

We have been working in ‘Kalari Sangham‘ guided by ‘P. Thankappan Assan Guru’

25th and 26th Aug 2017, we share our research through the performance ‘Room of Absence’

Check here for the details of the Performance: Press Kit- The room of absence and lost desires