Dream Catcher

“Dream Catcher”

Butoh Inspired performance

Created: May 2015

Concept: What if memories and dreams one day take tangible form? Partly inspired by the children literature “Alice in Wonderland” and Alice’s fall, this work chases the formless through corners and labyrinths of mundane forms that one is surrounded with. Through cracks of furniture and corners of room, “Dream Catcher” takes on the expedition of catching his/her own dreams like escaping termites. What he/she meets in the expedition is unraveled through the composition.

It is a Butoh inspired improvised performance where the artist uses light and shadow to form the roads and maps. Takes on the journey and discovers one’s present truth through the performance. The performer is the doer and simultaneously the witness and hence shares the un-raveling similarly with the audience.


Sub-body Theater School, Dharamshala