(New past!): Exploring urban architecture and memories, 2015

Modern spaces/architectures/beings/relations…..have no history, no memory!….(is it??)

not tested by time…how is their existence significant then?

Or not?

This is A project exploring modern aspects of life. An experiment to find hidden memories in relatively new age spaces, in search of memories and what grounds us, what forms purpose/ significance in the current modern increasingly chaiotic world. A Journey to meet who really we are through all that.

Life Impro video


Who we are? How we really exist?

So many information, ideas, concepts, judges label our existence as who we are.

Time and space which our physical body have been belonging are conditioning our existence.

Past has passed away, future hasn’t come yet.

Our real existence is Here and Now.

Our existence flows moment to moment but so often we are scattered and lost without encountering with who really we are.

One day dance came to our life. It’s a significant gift from Universe.

Dance let us be present, real. Let us see who really we are, allow us pure breath of life beyond ego, concept, information time and space, unfolding so many hidden stories.


The language of Body Existence

Dance opens to language of communication through different states of body existence.


Between you and I   (exploring relationship or co-existence )

On the border, between everyday life and dancing Life

We are everything, we are nothing  (Transformations on everyday life space)

Life is improvisation moment to moment.  Create new interactions!